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Bragging Rights


 is what my sweet kid got me for my birthday.
Not the bookcase but the wands.
(and all pics click bigger if necessary)

As I took them from their gift bag
I did know they were wands, Harry Potter wands, but why two?

Lauren said, "Look at the stand, mom,"
where I saw

'W & W,' I thought but
I still looked at her in confusion as she looked at me in exasperation
just a little.
She elaborated,  "Mooooom, whose last name begins with W."
"The Weasley's," I replied and that's when, finally, it dawned on me.
Fred and George's wands, she'd gotten me Fred and George's wands.

Because she not only knows that I love love twins in general
(and no, I am not exactly sure why)

but Fred and George in particular

and, naturally, these two, Hikaru & Kaoru,

from Ouran High School Host Club,
a little manga-anime fun-fest that Lauren has also gotten me involved in.

She feeds my obsessions because
she's just cool that way.

And now I am the very proud owner of Fred & George Weasley's wands
And she is the very proud owner of Severus Snape's
which she just couldn't help picking up for herself
since she was already there ordering mine anyway.

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