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Show us your trip to work

zaipixie  did a journal entry wherein she posted four photographs of her journey to work including the store itself.

We got to discussing it and thought it might be fun to do a little meme wherein people post photographs of their journeys to work. Zai suggested we call it 'Show us your trip to work in the morning' but there are those like me who work in the evening so I changed the title a little. She also suggested a minimum of 5 photographs so, I kept it to 5. Since I do drive, I had Lauren take the photos so that's why the angle is off.

So, without further ado, my 5 photographs of my trip to work.
These are teasers,


My car is an '89 Mazda Miata, it once was my parent's.
I inherited it when my father died at 89.
He was still driving it.
The car's name is Cody.

My basic commute, light traffic,
hills in the distance

This is where I turn into the mall.
Lauren wanted this shot especially for the palms, so very California.

The Approach, Lauren's favorite view
as her excitement mounts

We have arrived @ my bookstore.
And, yes, I do think of it as my very own.
I work, almost exclusively, in the kids section and a little at info.
Never in cafe, and never at cashwrap which makes me glad.

I'm not going to tag anyone specifically to play, I tag you all.
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