gaeln (gaeln) wrote,

In order to smooth out some of my rougher edges…

I decided some time ago to look into meditation.

I figured I’d need awhile to research different methods - Indian, Chinese, whoever else - the advantages and disadvantages of each - apparently sitting styles vary - and so on. I did already have one book on-hand however

Zen Meditation in Plain English by John Daishin Buksbazen
so, I read it, tried what he said to try and now, I can hardly imagine starting my day without either the meditation or the simple stretch exercises which aid a stiff body getting into position. Of course, this book is Zen and the author wants far more from me than I’m willing to give. There is no Zen Center in my future, no teacher to guide me to The Way. I’m not looking for enlightenment, I’m just looking for one more (lower-case) way into a better life.

Am I able to get into the full-lotus? OHMYGOD no, at least not for more then a minute. But the half-lotus I am and now I work toward fullness. And toward a complete half hour of meditation, not my current 15 minutes, daily. Do I still grab a cup of coffee first thing when I'm done? Yes...yes I do. For me, it's all about baby steps and I can already see, after only a short time, a difference in myself, a shift in mind state, maybe an easing off of some nervous energy, some tension. Something. I really don't know.

I was going to wait longer to post about this, I wanted to have more time gone by so it would seem more likely something I would maintain but I've decided to go ahead anyway. If anyone else does meditate, I would like to know what you do and how that works for you. There’s always room, I assume, for fine-tuning.

And actually, I do think that reading

Allen Ginsberg: A Biography by Barry Miles
did have something to do with this. I had an interest but this book, since Ginsberg so believed in meditation, convinced me that there was no time like the present to give it a try.
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