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...for the first time in a long time
I was able, this morning, to open wide our front door
and let in the warmth.
And the first sound I heard, when doing so, was
the cry of seagulls.

The first sound I normally hear outside our house is
the squirrels scolding the crows or
is it the other way around?
Or the squawks of the v-formation flying geese overhead.
While getting our newspaper each morning at 6:30am.

And, given that the Pacific lies only
about 25 minutes west, hearing the cry of seagulls
probably shouldn't seem so unusually but
considering that the Santa Cruz Mountains lie between us
and the coast, well, the gulls seldom find their way over here.

It was nice being reminded of the ocean not so very far away.
And that spring will soon be here.
And  that being alive is really kind of sweet.
At least as long as the gulls keep going out of their way to find us.
And as long as the squirrels and the crows never make a binding peace settlement.
And as long as the geese continue, neurotically, to make sure everyone stays in line & keeps up.

Laptop has been with a Geek Squad techie for the past three weeks and was returned to me only yesterday.
So, it's also kind of nice to be back.
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