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I'm going to be spamming my journal over the next few days so please bare with me because...

...I have completed my first year, as of March 1st, of mission101  and I want to talk, if only to myself, a little about this first milestone. This comm. has meant a great deal to me, perhaps because I am one of the older ones who realizes that time is not unlimited, that it can, and so very often is, simply lost. I've gotten a lot done, more than I ever would have imagined and that makes me happy. Also, I want this year, to make my journal a little more personal, a little more friendly and all of this speaks, in its way,  to that.

I'm beginning with my 17 Year 1 (and in some case Year 2) Completed Tasks. In as much as I'd actually like someone to read this, I'm only going to reminisce about maybe three or four per day. Otherwise...overwhelming for anyone beyond myself. Then I'll post about my 2 Failed Tasks, why and what might have been done differently. Then, tasks in progress. Then, tasks Not in progress. Lastly, books books books which are pretty much the only part of this I have discussed and even then, only sporadically and rather dryly. goes. Oh, and one of my tasks in-progress is to document every completed or not completed task so each header below will take you to its corresponding posted-to-flickr graphic. Man,I gotta tell ya,  I am loving this.


13. Set-up flickr account

The screen-cap shows some of my flickr sets.
I thought this would be difficult to set-up but it wasn’t, although I still am not quite sure how to post using it and still rely on photobucket for that task. We have had our disagreements, Flickr and I, but all has been resolved to our mutual benefit. I now have 7 sets, all involving art or mission101 or 100_snapshots, with 302 uploads and with no end in sight. I really am enjoying this site and it, in and of its self, has encouraged me to be imaginative, creative, and organized.

1. Finish reedit of 'A Time From Now'

2. Finish posting of 'A Time From Now'
Each screen-cap shows its process complete, the first of the document when I finished reediting and the second of the final post.
I originally got on LJ so I could post this 'Queer As Folk'/ Brian_Justin/ post513 story many many – maybe 4 ½ or so – years ago but I had no friends then and didn’t even know enough to know I needed them until it was too late to find any readers. Much later, because an LJ friend was reading it and I was noticing a lot of mistakes through her comments – she likes to quote back to you the writing she’s commenting on - I decided to reedit it and post it again using her as my beta, a process that took forever. I’d gained some writing skills during the  two years that had passed between first posting and second by doing 'Queer As Folk' challenges and such. I began reposting in August of 2008 and by early 2009 was loosing interest. Mission101, my few readers and my beta/ friend kept me going, kept me motivated until finally in July 2009 I posted the 100th, and final, chapter with a much better story to my credit. One I’m very happy to have written and finally to have finished.

Collect 100 Favorite Poems_Part One_1 through 39

 And Part Two_40 through 100

The two scree-caps show, as best I could, the titles of the 100.
On someone’s mission101  list, sorry I don’t remember who, she said she was going to create a book of 100 poems. While I don’t know how hers is going, mine for my daughter Lauren is going great. With the help of many wonderful LJ friends, I rather quickly gathered up 100 poems, in something like 7 or 8 months. That Lauren had a large poetry unit this year in English certainly helped as she, without knowing as this is a secret (shhhh), provided me with several favorite poems. I know her favorite Auden poem (Refugee Blues), her favorite e. e. cummings poem (Anyone Lived in a
PrettyHowTown) and her favorite O’Hara poem (Fortune Cookie) plus several more. Worked out well. Now I’m on to the graphics and have even put together, bare bones, several pages. Some poems avail themselves to imagery more easily than others. A couple were impossible and need to be switched out so I continue to collect new ones, just in case.

Eventually I hope to use the laying-out-of the-pages as my way into learning Photoshop, one of my still not-in-progress tasks.

3. Start process of getting daughter braces

The graphic shows Lauren's first appointment ticket wedged between the whiteboard and the stone-like magnet.
This was something I’d been putting off for various reasons - husband laid-off so no insurance blah blah - should have been started when Lauren was 13, not 15 but now, we’re on our way with progress slowly being made. We have another 15...16...17 or so months to go, she’ll be out of high school when we’re finally done but once started, it’s a thing that can’t be stopped so this was my first task completed. All I had to do was get the thing started.

All done. For today.
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