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mission101 Update Part Three_The last of the First Year Completed Tasks

My first Update can be found here

My second Update can be found here

Personal/ LJ

10. Get laptop’s screen fixed BEFORE it completely fails

This one is ANNOYING. I got the freakin’ thing fixed just to have it go bad again…out of warranty. Who among us is surprised? I know I certainly wasn’t. I was sure it was the same problem but no, first time was a broken hinge affecting the screen, second time was the actually screen itself gone bad. It was very difficult to tell the difference. Each time they (they being the Geek Squad) have taken my baby away, it’s been for THREE weeks. The first time we were back east, dropped it off on our way out of town and picked it up on our way back in but this last time, last month, not so easy. I was without.
Well guess what and no, I didn’t actually see this one coming. It’s NOT right, it’s still not right and life is soooo unfair. There two little horizontal lines are as a constant running along the bottom third of the screen. I have to send it back again. AGAIN people. Next week before it runs out of warranty again. I feel a little ill just thinking about it but this too shall pass…right?
Send it back, again for another three weeks which is why, I insist, I'm so behind on everything.

13. Sort 11 unpacked boxes in garage PLUS organize & condensed 12 holiday boxes into 3.

We live in very small house so everything that needs to be is stored in the garage and we’ve made a vow not to keep the cars in the driveway or out on the street like most around here do or maintain a storage garage somewhere. Still, I had unpacked moving boxes from when we moved in nine years ago PLUS unpacked boxes from when my father died in 2007 and I had to break down my parent’s home of over thirty years. This whole process of unpacking began easily enough, I am planning on writing about it for one of my experimental memoir stories one of these days, and simply snowballed until suddenly and quite unexpectedly, I was done. Everything that had been hidden in the dark of garage boxes now lives in the light of our home. Or went the way of the Goodwill.

14. Sort 9 unpacked boxes in garage loft

See above

15. Organize photos into 8 photo albums plus 1 photo box (a five year old Christmas present I'd never used)

It was actually completing this which some how started to give me room to do the above. I had all our photos stored in two big moving boxes in a closet and getting rid of those opened up space which lead to reorganizing other stuff in the closet which lead to opening up more space and so on.

16. Reorganize recipes, input into computer

First time I really organized our recipes Lauren was three, I was a stay-at-home mom and bored to death, no offense baby. I had to hand-write them all on index cards which I have kept in three Hallmark recipe books even as the cards got more and more messed up, splattered and annotated. Reorganizing involved going through all of those, discarding the never-will-be–made ones, going through all my cookbooks (before) and Xeroxing the pages of the possibly-will-be-made ones, getting rid of them (after) and then marrying up the two. Now it’s straight-into-the-computer.
I keep the printed-out recipes in file-folders with typical headings – chicken, salads, drinks, etc – in a single, and lovely, matching file-folder holder. When using them, I first decide on the main course, then the side or salad course and off they go to be Xeroxed on two single pages, one to cook from and one to shop from. Changes are made as necessary, a little more of this, a little less of that, to the cooking copy and then edited and reprinted and resorted back into the recipe’s proper folder. Easy freakin’ peasy.

19. Create flickr set to include pics & artwork from each of the artist studied including Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, Joseph Cornell, Willem de Kooning, Robert Motherwell, Clyfford Stills, Cy Twombly and Franz Klein so far.

This set is why I am delighted with Flickr, this and the set I created about Robert Rauschenberg & Jasper Johns and their art. I have all these amazing and wonderful and poignant photos, f them, of their artwork, that I’ve scavenged from ALL over the internet and all they do is float by me on my screen saver. Now, they can also hang out at Flickr, at least a few of them can. How cool is that?

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