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Has it been forever?

When a hard drive crashes, life takes an ugly turn, so much is lost because, well, I'm just a little stupid or neglectful or a really slow learner. Didn't this happen before? Why yes, yes it did, but that was 4 years ago, how can I be expected to remember that which I'd learned 4 years ago? Be reasonable.

However, whatever, when I lost my laptop in April I lost word files (mission101 ) back to November and picture files (100_snapshots ) back to January. Lauren was vaguely disgusted, I can hardly blame her, we'd actually done some decent snapshot-taking which existed, thoughtlessly, only on my computer. The past month has been all about regaining (trying to regain) that which I'd formerly had. Just trying to figure out where I was with the 2 communities was frustrating. I'm now reasonable as to the former but clueless as to the latter. One freakin' thing at a time, yeah?. I am now also neurotically backing-up but will that last? Time will tell but, if past behavior is any indication, it's not looking good.

Consequently, I haven't posted to mission101  since February because, prior to crashing, my laptop had a defective screen which kept it in the repair shop (getting Geek Sqquaded) a total of 6 weeks starting in January through the end of March. I'd had it back about a week when it crashed.And no, I did not see that one coming.  I was, frankly, starting to take it all a little personal, some seriously mean bitch of a computer karma god was abnormally motivated to get me. ME!! But why? Why me? I doubt I'll ever really know why for sure. It's ALL just speculation.

Well, that's the general scope of things. There really is so much more, all of which to anyone else but me, and those closest to me who've had to deal with my depressive but not unreasonable persecution complex, would be pretty darn boring. Tomorrow I post to mission101  assuming that the seriously mean bitch of a computer karma god leaves me the hell alone

*fingers crossed* I'd put a little emocon smiley face here but I don't know how.
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