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At long last_mission101_Home_tasks 8, 9, & 10
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8.  get quote from landscaper from two years ago.
9. get two more quotes
10. hire someone and get frontyard done

When we moved into this house, our frontyard sucked and our courtyard sucked.
I've managed with the courtyard

But the frontyard, not so much. because there are no sprinklers,
all and everything had to be watered by hand and I just got tired of dragging hoses around.
Now we have not only added sprinklers, the frontyard only, but we have landscaped as well...wheee!!!


Iz better, I can't wait until the plants have grown. Oh, and yeah, the backyard still sucks. Next year.

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thank you! and your icon is very cool.

that pathway is divine. my dad and stepmom have been trying to put together one of those in their backyard for years. everything else looks wonderful too!

thank you, thing about stuff like this is that you can't think about it too much, it is somewhat a matter of just doing. I'm glad you like.

These pics are so beautiful. The landscape is lovely and artistic.

thank you, I thought it was very nice of the rose tree to bloom just in time for the photographs, it does looks so much more open now, and shows off Daiv and Lauren's lovely paint job on the fence much better.

OMG this is so awesome and you have definitely done a lot of work. It is so well worth it though because this is beautiful. Great Job!!!!


thank you so much. I'm just glad that I won't have to be dragging the hoses all around the front anymore, the courtyard I can manage. I'm glad you think it's beautiful, I imagine when the plants have grown in, in a year or two, then it really will be beautiful.

thank you, has been a long time coming, other things always seemed more important but now that it''s done, we are pleased. Your icon looked so pretty juxtaposed to my post.

Oh, how cool! It's very attractive but doesn't look like it'll be too much work to maintain (always a huge consideration for me). Go, you! That's a huge accomplishment that really makes a difference - to your enjoyment of your home and quality of life andto the value of your home.

we had become the least pretty house on the block, no longer, now the corner house is so, yay us. And you are right, maintenance should be relatively easy, I intentionally picked plants that don't need to be dead-headed. Thanks for commenting.

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