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At long last_Part 2_mission101_Home_tasks 6 & 7

Most of my tasks require the duration of my mission101  time to complete as in do something once each of the three years OR do so much, or so many, of something by the end of the three years. Either that or the tasks are very expensive as in travel or working on our house. Other than the books which just keep on coming.

So, when I actually am able to complete a task, or tasks, I am happy, in this case a couple of the 'working on our house' ones. That is I'm happy once the task's  completion is documented and I can post.

And, as I'm sure you know, any and all pics can be made overwhelming large by just clicking on them.

6. Remove carpet from & refinish wood floors in Lauren’s bedroom
(This was actually completed during Year 1 but I'm including it here.
Before: The carpet.
After: The nice wooden floor that was protected for years under the carpet.
Although it appears to be, the throw rug isn't running in the same direction, before it's perpendicular to the closet wall and after it's parallel to it.

7. Repaint & redecorate Lauren’s bedroom
Lauren's room was first done ten years ago when we moved into this little house and when she was five. She'd outgorwn it by the time she was ten, books, Books, BOOKS everywhere but we waited until she was fifteen to change it knowing it was going to be a serious bitch getting those little white shelves off the walls. And it was.
Before: Corner of Wall 1.
After: The Beatles poster was on my bedroom wall when I was her age only then, it wasn't framed because she rates.. We have other artwork to frame for the space to the left of the shelving but I got tired of waiting.

Before: Wall 1 my inadequate antique dresser.
After: Her Snoopy collection and a drawing I did with a far more practical nightstand.

After Wall 2: There is no before of the door/ closet wall.

Before Wall 3.
After: Now she has nicer bookcases, my favorite is the things on top of the cases, within which to house her books two layers deep.

Before: Wall 4.
After: The bed is exactly the way SHE wants it.

Finally, Lauren asked me to include these two as symbolic of the change
So I did. Before.
After: A little misleading but, she is able to keep her room much cleaner now that she actually has places to put her many many things.
And whose fault's that, mom.

It actually took me two hours to make this post, if there are any OTHER typos in it, I simply do not care.
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