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Soooo typical

Sunday evening, my husband David and me, I'm reading, he's playing with his iPhone

Daiv: You got anything planned for dinner? Maybe we could go out. You choose, anywhere you want. Maybe someplace nice.

Me: (still reading) You know what I think is nice, Daiv, that place that's too noisy (actually Chilies) and that other place we went with the GREAT Salad (actually Cocos)

Daiv: Chilies? Why you wanna go to Chilies?

Me: (still reading)  I like their food?

Daiv: Yeah, they do have good food but I'm kinda in the mood for a steak. I've been hankerin' after a good steak for awhile now.

Me: (To myself) 'been hankerin' after'? Whatthehell? You're Brooklyn-born Puerto Rican, why you hankerin' after anything?
        (To him and still reading) Have you?

Daiv: (distracted a little) Yeah.(then, all sudden and excited-like) Hey, I know, how about Outback?

Me: (to myself) because they are so known for their salads.
        (to him) Sure, why not.
(Because going out is, after all, going out. Especially since I had nothing actually planned for dinner. And if you were to ask him, he would undoubtedly tell you, he'd taken me just where I wanted to go. Next time. *fingers crossed*)
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