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mission101 February_March_April_May Books

Normally, I post once a month regarding my book consumption but my computer went bad, I lost tons of information, had to refigure out so much, and consequently, got disgusted. So, it's taken until now to catch-up.

I've also decided on a new format. I'm posting all the book covers to flickr with a short synopsis on each. If a book interests, click on its cover and you will be transported to flickr and my concise run-down. Otherwise, I just like how it looks...pretty colors.

1.Research Abstract Expressionism_Irving Sandler’s The Triumph of American Painting: A History of Abstract Expressionism
2. Research Rauschenberg & Johns_Gavin Butt’s Between You and Me: Queer Disclosures in the New York Art World, 1948-1963
1. Read every book offered up at my book club_due in March
5. Read one additional fiction/ non-fiction book per month_Jean-Paul Sartre’s No Exit and Three Other Plays
6. Read one poetry book per month_J. D. McClatchy (editor) The Vintage Book of Contemporary American Poetry
9. Read one book per month about writing or poetry_James Wood’s How Fiction Works

March_began my second year so, changes were made
Art_remained the same for this month only
1. Research Abstract Expression_Irving Sandler’s The New York School: the Painters & Sculptors of the Fifties
Remains the same forever
1. Research Rauschenberg & Johns_Barbara Hess’s Johns: Business of the Eye
Reading_remained the same
1. Bookclub_Kathryn Stockett’s The Help
5. Read one additional fiction/ non-fiction book per month_Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own
Reading_changed from -- 9. Read one book per month about writing or poetry to
9. How to: Daishin Buksbazen’s Zen Meditation
Deleted_6. Read one poetry book per month_Task Completed

Art_changed from research Abstract Expressionism to
1. Research POST Abstract Expressionism_Andy Warhol’s Popism
1. Research Rauschenberg & Johns_Max Kazloff’s Jasper Johns
1. Bookclub_due in May
5. Read one additional fiction/ non-fiction book per month_John Cage’s Silence
9. How to: Annelian Hagon’s The Yoga Face

1. Research post Abstract Expressionism_Irving Sandler’s American Art of the Sixties
2. Research Rauschenberg & Johns_Robert Saltonstall Mattison’s Masterworks in the Robert and Jane Meyerhaff Collection-
Jasper Johns_Roy Lichtenstein_Robert Rauschengerg_Ellsworth Kelley_Frank Stella
1. Bookclub_John Kennedy Toole’s A Confederacy of Dunces
5. Read one additional fiction/ non-fiction book per month_Henry Blake Fuller’s Bertram Cope’s Year
9. How to: Susan Sontag's On Photograph
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