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The living moment is everything_D.H. Lawrence


This would be true in an ideal life but the living moments of this coming week will be far from ideal and all I want is for it to be at an end.
And it's only just begun!!!
Friday is my focus.

First and utterly foremost, Lauren, the 16 year old, is summer-cold sick, has been for several days,and  for the first time in months. Sore throat, coughing,  yadda yadda. She just keeps looking at me with watery and tragic eyes, making me feel really bad, so, of course, it's finals week. AP biology, History, Spanish3, Honors English, Algebra II, all done with a foggy brain, a seriously stuffed-up nose, a sore throat and congested lungs BUT with no fever so I can't legitimate keep her home. Two finals are presentations, History and English, the rest of her testing will be more of the regular variety except for 3-D Design which is cleaning up the classroom. Small favors. She has been unbelievable, just tenaciously pushing her way through all this work and with almost no complaints.
Friday and she's let-go.
And I will be glad.

On a side note, after taking her two SAT subject tests -- Saturday at 7:30am, Really, test scheduling people, really? -- she spent the rest of her weekend writing her two history essays -- which she'll present in class today using her pathetic little laryngitis voice. The History essays are interesting. They're studying the 1960s and each is on a song from that era as it pertains to a particular theme. Lauren chose Bob Dylan's 'Master of War' and Gil Scott-Heron's 'The Revolution Will Not be Televised'  because, she says,  they're long so there is much to discuss. She wanted to do 'Satisfaction' but decided that Jagger was just too ambiguous.

Second, the very beautiful refrigerator we bought when we remodeled our kitchen a little less than two years ago died. Died. Died. Died. Circuit board goes bad and there's is really nothing to be done about it but wait. Naturally, I had just shopped hours prior to its demise. This would be last Saturday so we are, as I write, beginning our second week of non-cold food storage and now the repair place is telling me that the part won't be in until this Thursday, maybe Friday since they're having to bring it in from out-of-state. To take that long, they should be bringing it in from out-of-country. We're living out of coolers. COOOO...LERS. I'm sorry but this is an expensive fridge, it is less than two years old. We should NOT be living out of coolers. Actually, I'm exaggerating somewhat.  I can keep some refrigerator things in the freezer since it now is at the proper temperature FOR a refrigerator...33 degrees. Oh, and it does give us temperature-neutral water out of its door. It's a big, silver water dispenser. MAN. I do not blame the fridge, though, after all, it is very pretty, and that does count for probably far too much in our book. No, I blame the circuit board makers, whoever, and where ever they may be.

So yeah, living in the moment, I don't think so. Friday is my friend.
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