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Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes_David Bowie

I'm making 'em.

I sometimes forget this journal is mine, to do with as I please regardless of how much, or how little, I entertain, informed, or inspire anyone.  I have often, too often, thought to post something but didn't because I assumed no one would give a damn. Why do I give a damn that no one else might?

So, for me my journal has become boring, only concerned with basically two communities both of which are very important to me but neither of which are my all.

From now on I am going to post about what matters to me, the good and bad from my days, information I find on the net that excites me or depresses me, my art, my photography, my stories. If I have a question, I will ask it here. If I've found out about something I think is cool, I will talk about it here. And so on.

As for the communities 100_snapshots  remains the same, I post to it when I can but since it involves both Lauren, and me and her time has been very limited, that hasn't been happening as much as it could. With summer here though, that should change.

And with my posts for  mission101, I'm also making some changes. No more once a month wrap-up posts, I hate doing those and am bad at them. From now on when I finish a book or complete a task, or fail at one, I'm gong to talk about that, why the book matters, what I had to do to complete the task or why it no longer matters.

To sum up, as positive_pat  reminded us in her last post 'TAKE YOUR PASSION AND MAKE IT HAPPEN'. Okay, I will.

And now I'm off to pick-up Lauren, she's officially out of school for summer. !! YAY !!
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