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So, the fridge people call and say that the circuit board replacement is FINALLY (my emphasis) in, and would I like to set-up an appointment?
Why yes, yes I would.
How about tomorrow morning between 8 and 12?
Fine, that will be fine. And the appointment is set.

Five minutes later: ring ring. And yes, it is...THEM.
Uhmmm...we opened the box and it's the wrong part BUT (they hasten to add) another shipment is due in tomorrow, we'll call you just as soon as it's arrived. Would that be alright?

(Asked as if I had a freakin' choice) Yeah, yeah, that'll be fine. And we hang up.

I'm sorry but WHATTHEHELL? What...the...hell? First it's 3 to 5 days which turns into 9 and then, they still can't get it right. Did they order the wrong part, did whoever, from out-of-state, send the wrong part? We'll never know. All I do know is that we've been without a fridge nearly 2 weeks and I could be happier.

On the other hand, while Lauren is still sick, she's out of school so we, at least, do have that going for us.

Patience. It is a virtue, right?
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