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Whenever I found out anything remarkable...

... I have thought it my duty to put down my discovery on paper_Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

So I am.

When Queer as Folk ended, some 5 years ago, I came here needing to find like-minded others because I didn't want the show, the characters to fade from me and while I haven't remain simply for QAF, I also haven't found another fandom to become a part of. I've only watched as other QAFers, not all most certainly but many, have moved, inevitably on. And it's been fun to watch, if not to be a part of, their excitement of discovery, to watch them not so much leave QAF behind as find something more relevant to invest in. I never expected to be one of them on any level.

So, imagine my surprise when I suddenly found myself becoming genuinely invested, in a non-participatory way, with the whole Adam/ Tommy friendship and quinn222 's wonderfully creative, as usual, graphic fic of The Glam Nation Tour. For those of you who know Quinn's work for QAF, I need say no more but, if you don't, then let me just say that her fics always emphasis the visual with this one revolving around scrapbooking

Her story is called Glam Nation 2010, As a bonus,  if you check past entries they are sprinkled with several gifs of concert interaction between Adam and Tommy mainly. They are very touchy-touchy and playful together, ya gotta love that. You'll find one here of Adam playing excessively with Tommy's hair and, seriously, who can blame him, along with a short little vid of Sutan, the makeup guy discussing his relevance to the tour.

This story is PERFECT for summer. Well, it's perfect for ANY time but for summer, it really is just perfect.

Some pics of the boys

Adam & Tommy                                                                Tommy                                     Tommy & Adam

Another bonus, they both actually seem to be really lovely human beings, and especially great with the fans.
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