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Lauren, me & DVDs

Every summer, Lauren and I try to find a Theme, something to guide us throughout that's consistent like a few summer's ago, we read several of the  Newbery Award Winner young reader books, another we studied 20th Century art movements and artists of her choice...mostly, last summer, we studied poets and their poetry and so on.

This year, we have dedicated ourselves to the DVD, enjoying, for instance
The Teaching Company's The Great Courses, DVDs.

We have already watched to completion:
My choice: A series of 24 half-hour lectures on how to write more well thought-out sentences and

Lauren's choice: A series of 36 half-hour lectures on all things relating to the brain, neuroscience,
and from which she's decided neuroscience isn't exactly what she wants to major in once out of high school, obviously.
More like behavior psychology with a minor in neuroscience and with a strong interest in philosophy yadda yadda.

Daiv has his Masters in Sculpture, I have my BS in Fine Arts so, understandably, this whole science thing is kind of leaving us both a little breathless and confused. When she told me she thought she wanted to major in neuroscience, I said, 'What? no art school?', then googled neuroscience, after I figured out how to spell it -- 'e' before 'u'...'e' before 'u' -- in order to have clearer understanding of what this means schooling-wise. I now do have a clearer, if not clear, understanding, and so, apparently, does she. Partially, what it means is ultimately a PhD. I guess we should probably start saving our nickles and dimes right about now, yeah?.
Click on either graphic to find out more, if you have any interest.

Nevertheless, this will always be remembered as the Summer of 
ONE: I haven't watched the show since it went off the air, yet still consider myself a member of the fandom so,
I thought I should and
TWO: at 16, Lauren is, in OUR estimation, fin..NA...ly old enough to actually watch the show, something I have been unwilling to allow her to do up until now no matter how prettily she may have begged. She is, after all, a child who at 11, had all the cast members real and characters names memorized, had pilfered my copy of the above-referenced book so soon after I'd bought it that I had actually forgotten having bought it, and who has been crushing' on Gale since first ever she saw his face. Awwww.
So far, we have completed and , are a couple of eppies into ,

and will soon, though not by the end of summer, be on to and I do get a little squeamish now and then, at certain parts, just a little but, seriously, we're having a blast.

Plus, every Friday morning, we watch Lauren's choice of movie from . So far we seen' Sherlock Holmes' which has become a new obsession for her, 'An Education', and 'Where the Wild Things Are'. Wheee.

And, yes, we do actually get out of the house...once in awhile, really, we do. Just last week, we had an appointment with the eye doctor so...yeah.




Jul. 26th, 2010 03:27 pm (UTC)
it was a very good film, and you're right, the performances were excellent. You knew there was something wrong with the guy from the get-go but could easily see how he could seduce even the girl's parents, let alone her.

And yeah, neuroscience, I'm learning alot and expect to learn more as we go along. One thing I find interesting is that this whole area of study involves a great deal of philosophy, something else Lauren will need to study. Kind of cool.

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