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In Recognization of Prop 8 being overturned...
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please clink this link

and watch the amazing performance of Adam Lambert singing 'A Change is Gonna Come" from the finale of AI which isn't allowing embedding, just so ya know.

And yes, there's still a lot of work to be done, appeals are being filed as we speak but the fight is so on, and will continue to be on until the war is won and equality prevails.

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g, i saw the news when it broke yesterday and i was thrilled momentarily. there is so much work ahead, and i get crazy angry with all the homophobes. some of the press this morning talked about what is to come...if they will get to the supreme court, etc. i just want it done. not one person on the news today, so far, said anything about the u.s. constitution granting us all the same rights.

hope all is well...


I know just what you mean, so much work and it shouldn't be like this.

all is well, hope it is the same for you.

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