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I am so on my own

Daiv and Lauren are flying to Florida today, for two days, then to Ohio, also for two days so, I iz on my own until Saturday when they fly back home.

Thing is...
Their flight was for 6:30am today -- which would've put them into Orlando at 4:00pm, nice, right? -- so, we were up at 4:00, out of here by 5:00 and I had them at...

...the newly renovated Mineta San Jose International Airport
by 5:30am.

So...Delta calls the house at 7:30 -- I naturally was thinking them well on their way by then -- saying that there's been a delay in San Jose until 10:00 -- which will put them into Orlando at 11:30pm because they now have this totally outrageous 4-hour layover in Salt Lake City.


I call Daiv & Lauren and we discuss it.
I'm like -you know your flight has been changed, right?
Daiv's like -yeah something's up, mechanical problems or...somehting, but, we're just sitting here...
I'm like -maybe you guys should go look at the big board or talk to someone at Delta or call the one eight hundred number or SOMEthing, right?
Daiv's like -yeah, okay.
And so, life as we then knew it, remained the same.

So...Delta calls the house again at 8:00 saying that instead the San Jose flight will leave at 12:30 -- 5:30am to 12:30pm, 7 hours and they won't have even gotten off the freakin' ground -- with now only a one hour layover in SLC which will put them into Orlando still at 11:30. By the time they get to the hotel and checked into their room, it'll be around 1:00am. This after getting about 3 - 4 hours sleep last night.

Daiv & Lauren call and we discuss it. They're staying, I'm not going and this is BSC stupid.

Thank you for listening and, if you have the time, you might want to sending them some good, good ,good...good vibrations.
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