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my second mission101 list starts today --more or less

As I mentioned yesterday, I want to start fresh and kind of go a different way with this. Some, a few, of the items on my new list are actual tasks, but the majority are, to my mind, life goals, changing the way I live from day to day. None are earth-shattering, still, if I can complete most of these in the time I've allotted myself, I think bad habits will be changed to the better.

While my family is, as always, a part of this, Lauren especially, I'm changing my icon

from    to    so as to better represent the 'me'ness' of this list.

Carried over to next list or possibly the list thereafter_18
Failed for the time being_1
Failed forever and all time OR no longer interested_7
with 3 never filled in


1. Decide on art-related project @ start of each new month & work on until completed_6/ 12_I am devising a new way of doing this

2. Create 1 computer/ photoshop project & one icon project per month_3/ 12_FAIL_April

3. Photography_100_snapshots_review first list_Complete_September

4. 100_snapshots_post 4x per month_6/ 6_Complete_April

5. 100_snapshots_complete first list_53/ 53_Complete_April

6. Participate in 365 Photography Project & post_325 or so/ 365 (as of 09_16)_only 1 month to go, I will complete on next list

7. Choose one personal story & complete @ start of each month & work on until complete_0/ 12_I am devising a new way of doiing this

8. Art_Continue flickr set to include pics & artwork from each artist I’ve studied_didn't do

9. Create 2-365 Photography Project albums - for me, for Lauren --  and annotate_in the works

10. Learn five origami designs_Complete_December

11. Organize card file_Complete_January

12. Flickr: annotate & tag all sets_11/ 12_Complete_June


13. Lose 15 pounds_0/ 15

14. Maintain weight at 125 lbs

15. Do 50 of throat/ neck exercise every day_35/ 50_Fail_lost interest, need a new way

16. Signup for gym memberships for Lauren & me_Complete_September

17. Workout 3X per week_8/ 50_fail with Lauren here, will try again on my own

18. Get a facial every three months_3/ 3_Complete and now routine

19. Have eyebrows done once per month_12/ 12_Complete_now routine

20. Have eyelashes done once per month_12/ 12_Complete_now routine

21. Do fingernails twice per week_28/ 50_Fail_have devised new way of doing this

22. Do toenails twice per week_25/ 50_Fail_have devised new way of doing this

23. Condition hair twice per week_50/ 50_Complete_now routine

24. Shave legs once per month_12/ 12_Complete_now routine

25. Limit coffee drinks to two per week_50/ 50_Complete_I'm actually at 1 per week ;)

26. Limit coke to three cans per week_10/ 50_FAIL_November

27. Drink 64oz. water per day_50/ 50_Complete_now routine

28. Eat dinner by 7:30pm 5X per week_50/ 50_Complete_now routine

29. Don’t eat after eating dinner_45/ 50_Complete_now routine_maybe I mess-up ONCE every now & then


30. Take photo of me every month_10/ 12_Complete_now routine_I'm not sure what I was even trying to accomplish with this

31. Mimic Tommy Joe’s earrings minus the industrial piercing_Complete_December

32. Find a hairstyle I love_Complete_October_still working on it

33. Work toward developing that hairstyle: Haircuts_October; December: February, April, June, August__Complete_now routine

34. Develop clothing style for casual wear_Complete_December

35. Develop clothing style for going out/ work_Complete_December

36. Sort through clothes in order to organize, document, get rid of_Complete_January

37.  Design & get a tattoo_Complete_November


38. Close-out old mission101 list_Complete_September

39. Create new mission101 list_Complete_September

40. Post new list to my lj & to comm._Complete_September

41. Post to flickr a photo of each completed task_14/ 101_this is kind of a fail because a lot of this list is not conducive to photographs

42. Update list to my journal once per month_8/ 12_Semi-fail which is also semi-complete, but I have a great excuse

43. Update to mission101 once per month_7/ 12_Semi-fail which is also semi-complete, but I have a great excuse

44. Create paper journal to track tasks_Complete_September

45. Update paper journal every Sunday_35/  50_Semi-fail which is also semi-complete, but I have a great excuse


46. Cancer site 5X per week_50/ 50

47. FreePoverty 5X per week_50/ 50

48. FreeRice 500 grains of rice 5X per week_50/ 50

49. F-list for 30 mins per day_45/ 50

50. Comment on any fanfic I read whether on LJ or archived_40/ 50

51. Comment on f-list every day_45/ 50

52. Do one minimum post to my journal once per week_40/ 50

53. Participate in the comms. I belong to or quit_3/ 31

54. Email for 30 mins per day_45/ 50

       Books/ Media

55. Read every book offered up at my book club_7/ 7

56. Read one art/ photography history book per month_12/ 12

57. Read one how-to book per month_12/ 12

58. Read one fiction/ nonfiction book per month_12/ 12

59. Post to flickr the cover & a brief description of each book_10/ 40 (includes 3 for ‘Hunger Games’

61. Read each of the three art magazine I subscribe to per month_12/ 12

62. Watch 1 Great Courses half-hour lecture OR educational DVD per day 5X per week_50/ 50

63. Mini-backup laptop once a week_4/ 50

64. External drive-backup every 3 months_8/ 8_changed this to every month & is complete

65. Learn how my camera works_Complete_November


66. Pay bills every Saturday_50/ 50_Complete_now routine

67. Choose 3 recipes every Saturday_31/ 50_Semi-fail_found a new way

68. Find 10 new food items/ techniques_10/ 10_Complete_March

69. Grocery shop every Sunday (minimum)_50/ 50_Complete_now routine

70. Clean one room per week (house on 4 week rotation)_12/ 12_Complete_now routine

71. Do one project per week alternating front yard to back_10/ 12_Complete_now semi-routine

72. Go through master-bedroom closet `once year_0/ 1_Complete_September

73. Go through Lauren’s closet once per year_0/ 1_Complete_September

74. Donate no-longer-useful items to Goodwill_7/ 12_Complete_now routine/

75. Get carpets cleaned once a year_1/ 1_Complete_November

76. Decide on landscaper & landscape backyard_Don't put things on YOUR list you cannot control

77. Organize sections in the hallway closet_0/ 4_Fail because while each shelf is better organized, no shelf is completed

78. Clean fish-tank once every two months_1/ 6_Fail_January_fish did die, so...

79. Clean out laundry area of garage_Complete_December

80. Clean shower curtain once per month_12/ 12_Complete_now routine

81. Learn Android_Complete_March

 82. Sort through, get rid of, & organize ALL my books_3/ 3_Complete_March


83. Illustrate the 100 poems for poetry book_0/ 100_Fail_on to the next list and the one there after until this little project is DONE

84. Find and purchase suitable leather journal for poetry pages_Complete_April

85. Create book_see #83 above

86. Help Lauren determine financial aid & possible universities_Complete_March

87. Have facial done once every 6 weeks_9/ 9+_Complete_now routine

88. Have nails done once every 3 weeks_18/ 18_Complete_now routine

89. Maintain 8:30am get-up schedule on non-school days per week_50/ 50_Complete_and even through summer :)_now she's on her own

90. Input AP Allusions list with definitions_Complete_October

91. Input AP Lit Terms_Complete_October

92. Add 15 more terms to the AP Lit list_Complete_October

93. Make sure Lauren completes all her testing_Complete_December

94. Organize upper half of Lauren’s closet_Complete_January




97. Purchase new tires & rims, have them mounted_Completed_November

98. Have engine checked & serviced_Completed_December

99. Have roll-bar installed_see #76 above

100. Have exterior painted_see #76 above

101. Have interior detailed_see #76 above

Started, in essence, Saturday August 28, 2010

I'm going to reevaluate where I am in 50 weeks or on Saturday August 13, 2011.

Edited: September Edited: October Edited: November Edited: December Edited: January; Edited: February; Edited March Edited April
Finished September 2001

Tags: personal_mission101_2nd
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