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Don't cross-post from this journal
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I like LiveJournal, I'm not going anywhere. I don't have Facebook and I rarely tweet, still, I can clearly see the problem if someone did have and regularly used either site.

If you don't like the Twitter/ Facebook reposting, then complain to LiveJournal.

There's an unofficial poll here
If you want to comment on LiveJournal's follow-up Post, go here Many others already have.

ALSO: I snagged this from the very first comment:
     from daluci 
     check this out
     It's working for all comment boxes now. I think. Please let Livejournal know if you dislike the boxes, even if you install the script. They can't
     listen unless you say something, and the more people who say something, the more chance something will change.
     * - this will not keep people from tweeting/facebooking comments to your friendslocked entries.

So,you don't like it, explain that to LiveJournal. That is all.

Actually, that isn't all. I downloaded greasemonkey, then installed DisConnect, checked my comments and tick boxes are all gone, but this will only work with Firefox easily so...yeah. And to be doubly sure, I also did the CSS thing, which is nicely explained here.

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Thanks for this. I have a Twitter and a Facebook, but I only use it to see pictures postet or to follow others, I never tweet or post anything there.
I installed this, but it just removed the twitter thingy, the facebook is still in my comment box.

did you do the greasemonkey thing or the css thing? I ended up doing both.

I did both too and hope it works somehow.

Greasemonkey will only work for your own browser. That is, you'll see the repost boxes removed, and people who do not have Greasemonkey and DisConnect installed will still see them. I still see both here.

This is better, it removes the radio boxes from the comments for everyone, not just those who have the code installed:

After doing what I did, I saw your post and did what you had done so, in essence, I've done both so, thanks. Guess we'll just have to see how that works.

Thanks. I just installed it.

glad to be of some help

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