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Promotion time

I've never done a big bang challenge, but this looks like fun.

So check out lambliffbigbang  where you can find the five month -- starting September 6, 2010 and ending January 3,1 2011 -- schedule for the challenge and where you can sign-up, once the challenge begins, as either a writer or as an artist.

Also,this morning I found this short vid, from the happy folks at 'I Can Has Cheezburger', in my email and, while watching it, I was lovingly reminded of some fans -- many of the fans?? -- I've seen in the YouTube vids for the Glam Nation concerts.

See if you can tell what I mean.

I guess Preview isn't working today, but I have to say, once I figured out what I was doing, my second attempt, the new way of uploading graphics is very very cool.

Have a terrific weekend.
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