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a British film crew plus 100 cats equals...
icon science_astronomy
...a 3 1/ 2 minute vid, for Ikea, the Swedish furniture chain, about making a 30 second advert -to use Britspeak - that is, happily, shown at the end.


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How adorable!

Not all cats play well together. What a shock!

FanSee, whose cats are not always the peaceful pair in the icon.

I know, didn't the 30-spot come out beautifully. My cat did not like other cats at all, I was trying to imagine her in that group and you know, I think she probably would've been fine.

here, have another peaceful pair in my icon.

I love animals in packs as a general rule. Especially un-packy animals like cats all together. I wanted more! More fighting, running, jumping.

'I wanted more! More fighting, running, jumping."

I know what you mean, I did too. I really like where they went with it, the little spot was very nicely done.

Delightful! It's fortunate, however, that they managed to reunite all cats and their humans at the end and no one got lost. I trust no prospective buyer found an interesting stain on a couch?

Ann Marie

it's was funny how they had to cut the wall to get the one cat out because, you're right, 100 cats could've easily gotten out of control.

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