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The 2010 State of Higher Education for LGBT People

“It is shocking that it is 2010 and less than eight percent of accredited colleges and universities in the country have LGBT-inclusive policies,” said Shane Windmeyer, Campus Pride’s executive director.  “Colleges and universities have the responsibility to create safe learning environments for everyone, regardless of sexual identity or gender identity.”

Read the rest of the article regarding the study here

Personal Note:
My daughter's high School has a Safe Classroom Policy, reminders of which are posted prominently in every classroom, which does not tolerate any kind of harassment anywhere on campus. Hopefully as these kinds of policies spread throughout elementary, middle, and high schools, they will also become an expected policy in colleges and universities since these kids will not have personally known any other way. It's just too bad that, if it is true that only 8% of colleges and universities have LGBT-inclusive policies, that instead of leading the way toward tolerance, America's places of higher education are only following. We'd like to think, at least I know I would, that they don't have such policies in place because they aren't needed, but I'm pretty sure we know that that's just not the case. If only.
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