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'America Before Pearl Harbor - Early Kodachrome Images'
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To see in color the 1930s America we usually only see in black&white, after all Kodachrome cost $5 a roll, which was equal to half a week's wages when minimum wage was $.25 an hour, click here.

Brought to you by those fine folks at Very Short List

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I like how they broke it down into categories, urban&rural, work&play. I also really like the softness of the color.

thanks for sharing these; I really enjoyed having a look. I have not seen too many color photos from that time.

black&white is the most beautiful, I think, but color gives a photograph an immediacy b&w sometimes lacks. A couple of these looked like they could have been taken yesterday. I'm glad you enjoyed these.

Nice walk through the past.
Some of those look so 'new'.

'Some of those look so 'new'.'
I know, right? like they could have been taken just yesterday. It's the softness of the color I love, very gentle. Glad you enjoyed your little walk through our past.

Brilliant! Thanks for posting!

You're more than welcome.

I liked the girl skipping, the train with fire, the poor mining family in Pennsylvania, the Oklahoma dance. Such great images.

Aren't they great, this is the beginnings of Kodachrome and we have witnessed its end, sad really, but changing times.

I have a ton of 35 mm film in the fridge include 100 speed for when I was doing slides. Don't know if it is any good anymore, it's at least 8 years old.

Even if it's still good, I also have a few rolls around here somewhere, the problem ultimately will be getting the filmed processed. If the film isn't being made, there's no photographs that needed to be processed. Last I heard there was one lab back east somewhere. Who knows if that's even still open. Even professionals are using those great big digitals now.

The local camera store where I used to buy used 35 mm cameras closed up about 6 years ago.

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