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In the comm. teamlambliff, they were doing



And while all their chosen projects are currently completed,
when the drive was still going on,

I figured that doing this would be a cool way to get a Adam/ Tommy header.

Done by ohfreckle  I got just what I wanted.

Thing is, I don't know how to incorporate this
into a standard LJ journal layout
I don't know how to do the code
I'm lost.
I uploaded it to photobucket, none of that code works,
I tried several different layouts, nothing.
So, I thought I'd ask if anyone can help, 
because I can, apparently, bring in an entire external layout
but not one little header.
So sad, and, obviously,
I am lame.


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what journal style do you have?

the one I would want to use with the header is called 'greybeard' but 'stone age' or 'unsaturates' could be cool too. I'd like to keep the one I have, which is 'clearstyle black and white', but it comes with a header and I don't know how to remove that. thanks for getting back to me.

i was going to say, "hey! i can do this!" but i don't know how to do headers for the the opal, dear diary, or minimalism themes.

which do you know? maybe I can find something. All I want is a not-too-dark black&white&gray journal to go with the header and my gif icon

i imagine i can do any of these although flexible squares is the one i've worked on the most.

there's a couple under expressive that could work...??

how wide is your header image?

that might be a problem with expressive. the header imagine tutorial says a 900+ pixel header works best.

See, I don't actually know, what I said probably isn't correct if you look at the proportions, could well be 300 by 900. I didn't ask the maker.I'm using an expressive journal and it appears to fit between the one column and the edge.

you could even look at various comms where people post layouts like mintyapple. that way you have more control over colors and the ability to change the width to that of your header.

sweet project, thanks

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