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Swear, I'm loving this guy more every day_Adam Lambert_It Gets Better'
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Remember, click all the way to YouTube so, views count & 'Like' can be clicked by you. I post the vid here because of the pretty.

I realize I'm spamming you guys with this man -- I still have icons I've made & a story I've written so...beware --
and with this campaign, so be it.

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I really liked him here. I will be honest with you - I'm not a huge fan of his singing. I like the drama and the show. This was real and now I want to hear him talk some more.

this is who he is, really is. He's the most genuine person and an incredibly hard worker, dedicated and so loyal to his people. I listen to electronic music, new age, world, blah blah, nothing with lyrics. He's the first singer I've gotten into in a long long time.
Check out this acoustic version of "Whataya Want From Me'
Also personally "Sleepwalker' & "Broken Open' are my favorite, if you get the chance.

I like the way he looks here a lot. I've heard the song before and didn't realize what it was until he started singing. I listen to no radio except NPR and some XM alternative channels.

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