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365 Photography Project_Third Post

It's seriously making me nuts maintaining my "whatever comes out of the camera gets posted' rule, but knowing that is actually making me more concerned with what goes into the camera in the first place so, all to the better, I suppose. The point is, ultimately, not just to document my life, but to make photography a more important part of my life, a thing always done, and in so doing, become a better photographer. I am, at the very least, remembering to take my camera everywhere we go since, truth to told, there really are only so many photos you can take in and around your house.

Sunday, October 24th_the view out our front door, through the courtyard to the front yard & beyond
The dwarf strawberry tree needs some serious pruning, my yard job this week.

Monday, October 25_since I did Lauren's bookcase, I thought I should do mine

Tuesday, October 26_My friend's dog, Goldie, lying in my lap

Wednesday, October 27_The rose tree in the Sunday photo got dead-headed.
I sometimes like the look of decaying flowers more than living, all the variations in color and texture, I think.

Thursday, October 28_Looking through a dance studio's window located in the little mall across the street.
I take a lot of reflection photos because I love the idea of layering.

Friday, October 29_My neighborhood, this is the view just to the right of our driveway

Saturday, October 30_This little nail place, where every 3 weeks Lauren get her nails done, is located across the walkway from, the dance studio shown above. I had a hard time with this one because the lighting was odd.

to flickr for WEEK 1 & 2
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