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mission101 October Update

October 2010

32. Find a hairstyle I love_Complete
a photo of mine one day          &      a photo of Lauren's one day

90. Input AP Allusions list with definitions_Complete
This was a summer AP English project that we decided to take to a slightly higher lever
91. Input AP Lit Terms_Complete
see above
92. Add 15 more terms to the AP Lit list_Complete
My idea because my Great Courses' 'Building Better Sentences' lectures kept defining terms not covered by the AP English syllabus. We now have 150 terms with definitions, which seems enough.

5. Work on computer graphics 3 hours per week_3/ 50
Posted my first set of icons here
10. Write 3 hours per week min_2/ 50
Again, a story for Glam Nation, which while not done, should be very soon, then to post.

16. Do 50 of throat/ neck exercise every day_55/ 330
18. Workout 3X per week_4/ 50
20. Have eyebrows done once per month_2/ 11
21. Have eyelashes done once per month_2/ 11
22. Do fingernails twice per week_8/ 50
23. Do toenails twice per week_8/ 50
24. Condition hair twice per week_8/ 50
25. Shave legs twice per month_2/ 11
26. Limit coke to three cans per week_3/ 50
Have not become determined enough. This will be a fail next time if I don't do better.
27. Limit coffee drinks to two per week_9/ 50
28. Drink 64oz. water per day_57/ 330
29. Eat dinner by 7:30pm 5X per week_5/ 50
30. Don’t eat after dinner ever_9/ 50

33. Work toward developing that hairstyle
Next haircut in late November
34. Develop clothing style for casual wear
I’m actually doing this, I just need photos of me & examples from magazines

41. Post to flickr a photo of each completed task_10/ 101 (2 not pictured)
42. Update list to my journal once per month_2/ 11
43. Update to mission101 once per month_2/ 11
See above #42
45. Update paper journal every Sunday_9/ 50
I am now running the totals from each week, but this is still time consuming

47. Cancer site 5X per week_10/ 50
48. FreePoverty 5X per week_10/ 50
49. FreeRice 500 grains of rice 5X per week_9/ 50
50. F-list for 30 mins per day_57/ 330
51. Comment on any fanfic I read whether on LJ or archived_9/ 50
I have been, not every one, but most
52. Comment on f-list every day_57/ 330
I do, if not every post, then most
53. Do one minimum post to my journal once per week_9/ 50
Twitter has been seriously awesome for this, I’ve found the best stuff to on & so on
54. Participate in the comms. I belong to or quit
Actually quit one for non-participation, I should probably figure out how many I'm actually in.
55. Email for 30 mins per day_57/ 330

Books/ Media

57. Read one art/ photography history book per month_1/ 11
The Education of a Photographer by Charles H. Traub, Steven Heller, & Adam B. Bell
Multiple essays about individual photographers, the history of photography or movements within photography W/O photographs
58. Read one how-to book per month_1/ 11

Image Transfer Workshop by Darlene Olivia McElory & Sandra Duran Wilson
Various techniques, of varying difficulty, for transferring source-imagery for incorporation into artwork because that would be a very cool thing to do.
59. Read one fiction/ non-fiction book per month_1/ 6
Almost a Life by B. H. Friedman
I really enjoyed this book. a historical novel, which documents a journalist telling his story about writing a memoir about a fictional photographer within the very non-fictional world of New York in the 1970's.
60. Post to flickr the  cover & a brief description of each book_2/ 40?

61. Don’t buy anymore books until I’ve read what I have
September_none; October_none
63. Watch 1 Great Courses half-hour lecture per day 5X per week_9/ 50
Still watching "Argumentation".
64. Mini-backup laptop once a week_3/ 50
Need to step this one up

66. Pay bills every Saturday_10/ 50
67. Choose 3 recipes every Saturday_10/ 50
68. Find 10 new food items/ techniques_1/ 10
      2. Find healthy organic honey
          A friend's neighbor has bees & sells the honey
69. Grocery shop every Sunday (minimum)_4/ 50
70. Do 30 mins per day 5X per week cleaning house (max: 3hrs)_8/ 50
71. Do 30 mins per day 5X per week working in yard (max: 3hrs)_6/ 50
74. Donate no-longer-useful items to Goodwill
September_once; October_once
80. Clean shower curtain once per month_2/ 11

86. Help Lauren determine financial aid & possible universities
September_Saw Jeffrey, our adviser once_discussed ‘The Plan’
October_Saw Jeffrey twice more, visited one campus, Lauren is writing her 2 essays of UC California system
87. Have facial done once every 6 weeks_2/ 8(?)
88. Have nails done once every 3 weeks_4/ 17(?)
89. Maintain 8:30am get-up schedule on non-school days per week­_7/ 50
92. Maintain physics study after school with Jimmy one time per week_8/ 50
AP Physics sucks.BIG TIME
93. Make sure Lauren completes all her testing
September_took ACTS
October retook ACTs as they didn't take the writing part the first time

Original list

Flickr for Completed Tasks
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