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365 Photography Project_Fourth Post

My fourth week, one entire month, done and my awareness of photography increases daily, not necessarily my abilities but definitely my awareness as in TAKE THE FRIGGIN" CAMERA WITH YOU EVERYWHERE YOU GO, WOMAN. And, I have even decided that I should probably read the camera's manual, something I don't believe I've ever actually done before, I'm quite obviously breaking new ground here. Wheee!!

And, from now on, I'm putting Sunday's photograph outside the cut with the rest safely tucked behind.
Sunday October 31, 2010 The last day of Halloween decorations, which are a combination of store-bought, hand-made, and presents.

Monday November 1, 2010 The first day of Thanksgiving decorations, which are also a combination of store-bought, hand-made, and presents plus a few dried gourds.

Tuesday November 2, 2010 Lauren had a sort of dizzy spell so, I took her in to see a new doctor, that's him in the flyer on the door, who I thought was a family practitioner not a pediatrician. And how sweet, they do ear piercing.

Wednesday November 3, 2010 Didn't really go anywhere so, the garden once again.

Thursday November 4, 2010 And in black&white.

Friday November 5, 2010 A friend's neighborhood with much sky.

Saturday November 6, 2010 Parking-lot gift-giving because our two families had just finished Lauren's birthday dinner, her choice, and we're about to go our separate ways. The bonsai Jimmy holds is Lauren's present from his family, Lauren is gleeful reading the card they've given her as her dad, Cindy, Jimmy, and Tim look on. And, Yes, it is blurry, but I like nonetheless.

to flickr for WEEK 1 2, & 3
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