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365 Photography Project_Fifth Post
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Tuesday, November 10 2010 Out of Order because I finally got my tattoo, which is our three zodiac signs, my Capricorn at the top nearest my wrist, Lauren's Scorpio in the middle and David's Gemini at the bottom. I realized, after looking at them, that I want to have three sort of art nouveau-ish lines connecting them. I'll post a comparison photo when once done. The photograph in the background is my dad when 18 years old.

Sunday, November 7 2010 It was late, I'd forgotten to take a photo so, once again I default to our bedroom. The angels were collected by my mom, I've added to hers only a of couple more. I love the reflections of our pillows in the window.

Monday, November 8 2010_A mission101 task was to learn my camera, which I've had since last Christmas. I downloaded (uploaded?) its 98-page CD manual, which meant upgrading my AdobeReader - I'd tried to do this several times before & couldn't work it out, but this time, for whatever reason, I had no problems - and read it in its entirety. I now, happily, have a clue what I'm doing. I took this photo using the macro feature.

Tuesday, November 9 2010 The first photo of a new technique I've learned_I love blurring photos

Tuesday, November 9 2010 The second photo of a new technique I've learned_focused foreground, unfocused background

Thursday, November 11, 2010 After I've gotten Lauren to school, I start my day watching a 1/2 hour episode of a Great Course's course, in this case on 'Argumentation'.

Friday, November 12, 2010 One of my mission101 tasks is to learn five origamis, my first being The Crane. This is my little crane family using my newly learned camera technique of focused foreground, unfocused background. Table reflections are da bomb.

Saturday, November 13, 2010 These ladies are three-fourths of my bookclub, the other one-fourth, sadly, had the flue especially since she'd recommended the book_The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lachs.

to flickr for WEEKS 1 through 4

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sharing is my pleasure, but, actually, the tattoo idea came from Glam Nation back when they were, seemingly, all getting wrists tats of their individual signs, but I do like the complexity of having the three, and the meaning behind them.

God what a cool tat!!!!!

thank you!! it means a lot that you think so.

The new tattoos are terrific.

The origami is a great pic.

thank you!! and, most importantly, didn't hurt nearly so much as I thought they might.

I like the tattoo because its meaningful and because its got great lines.
Is that a watch in the one photo?

I got the idea, sort of, from the Glam Nation people who having been putting their own zodiac sings on their wrists, I just did all of us. And yes, that is a watch hanging off the little vase.

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