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Music Memories Meme
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Snagged from chez_amanda 

When you see this on your friends list, make a post, with a music video (or song, whatever works) that used to be your go to jam back in the day. The terms are relative and it's up to you, but keep spreading it around or you'll end up with wrinkles on your memories.

This is Phil Collin's farewell concert version of In The Air Tonight,
a song that has haunted me most of my life

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It really is excellent, I'm glad you love it too.

Oh lord but this song always gets me going! *whew*

IKR? an amazing song but those drums, it's those drums that get me. Glad you feel as I do.

I saw either Genesis or Phil Collins in the 80s, can't remember. But he did one of the coolest things ever. He came out on stage carrying a boom box on his shoulder and spun the dial while holding the mike to the speakers. Burning Down the House was on and he let it play. Loved it.

When was the farewell concert?

Why are you haunted?

That sounds like such a very cool thing for him to do, I've always loved him, on his own and with Genesis. I saw him in a 'Hard Rock Cafe' once though, in San Francisco> He was just chillin before a concert in Oakland. According to google, his final farewell tour was in 2005, not sure when the first one was.

I'm haunted because this particular song has shown up at the most pivotal moments of my life, as if guiding me, except that I really have no idea what it's about. Maybe I should google that!!

Hmm. I don't think I can say that about any song as far as repeating throughout my life at important times.

You should google!

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