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John Lennon_Working Class Hero
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Lennon was a hero to me, I remember the day clearly,
30 years ago, when he died
and miss him still.
David and Lauren bought me his
Greatest Hits' for Christmas last year
and it remains in my car to this day, singing to us where ever we go.

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I remember...and my heart hurts.

'HUGE HUGS' right back at you. I was so pleased to see a number of people on my flist posting vids of his different songs, he is not forgotten, which makes me happy.

And yeah, every time I think of that day, my heart hurts like you.

I went to Vegas for the first time in my life because I wanted to see Love, the cirque show created for the Beatles. Have you seen this? If I ever went back to Vegas, it would be to see it again. A friend recently went and brought me back the documentary of the making of it. It is wonderful too. I highly, highly rec the show.

I hadn't even heard of the show, so out-of-the-loop. I'm glad you so enjoyed it that'd you'd like to even see it again...in Vegas!! And should I ever go again, I'll definitely get tickets.

I heard about it on NPR. Long segment and I was so intrigued, I went. I loved it.

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