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connorblond did something kind of cool...

...way back in early December.
He asked friends from his list to tell him something from their early childhood...happy, sad, whatever.
I read many of his comments, was touched by their memories, and thought I'd like to do the same at my journal.
So now I finally am.

I'll start with the very same memory I gave to Connor.

My best very young childhood memories are beach days in San Diego, warm sand, sparkling water, and soft blue skies. And just me and my parents. Digging in the sand, diving through the waves (I really did pretend I was a dolphin), reading or napping under an umbrella and always, way off in the distance, the sound of other people's radios all tuned to different stations, mostly music but always, it seems now, the sound of at least one baseball game being played somewhere and broadcast to our little corner of California.

Tell me something about how you grew-up, I'd love to you know a little better.
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