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The Color Meme again and in my own words

quiltedlives suggested green which, when asked, is my response as my favorite color...sage green. But as I think about green, I realize it is, for me, a background color, the color that sets-off or surrounds other colors and, for me, a little hard to do without coming across as cliche. I takes my chances and this time, I'm mainly doing impressions, memories, the not tangible, with just a couple of actual tangibles thrown in for balance.

1) Green reminds me of driving Interstate Highway 5 from Los Angeles to San Francisco (also the other way around) because for most of the 6, 7, 8 hour trip, depending on traffic and speed, you are surrounded by the softly rolling pale green hills of central California and with one person or another, I've done that drive several dozen times.

2) Our kitchen has gray-green counters, as close to sage as we could come, which Lauren chose and which beautifully set-off the redwood cabinets.

3) My mom's, mine, and Lauren's eyes, which vary from yellow-green (mom's were) to pale green (mine are) to blue-green (Lauren's are).

4) When I think of my parents, they are surround mainly by warm colors having lived mostly at the beach or in the desert but green is also always present because where ever they lived, there was always a golf course close by. In fact, for the last twenty years for my mom and thirty for my dad, the desert golf course was right outside their front door. Watered from underground wells, it was almost always kept green.

5) The felt green of our family room pool table when I was growing up in LA, reminds me of my grandpa who was a wonderful player.

6) The dull green of the wind-swept junipers when driving the Pacific Coast Highway on one side with the sparkling blue of the Pacific on the other.

7) I keep seeing in my mind Central Park so I'll include it along with Golden Gate Park, Balboa Park (San Diego) and a little now-nameless-to-me park in LA where Daiv and I would go frequently when we were very young, where we would climb to the top of the little hill and where, hidden among the trees, he would read me Shakespeare.

8) I'm wearing my comfy pants as I write, which are a sage-green plaid, with tiny dashes of blue and narrow stripes of cream, flannel and which are my favorites.

OMG only two more!!

9) Salzburg, Austria and why? My two friends and I had been travelleing for about a 1 & 1/2 months and were starting to get tired. We came into Salzburg on the train late and with no idea where to go, the hostels were filled when, from out of nowhere, a woman arrives IN A CAR!!  and asks if we needed a place to stay. Uhmmm...hell yes. We pile into the little European Ford and she drives us to the top of a hill where she and her husband have like a compound for the weary traveler. I walked into our semi-private room, just us 3, I walked to the window and I looked out over the most beautiful GREEN landscape I'd ever seen. It looked like a great huge golf course in my mind, so clean, so almost precise. Understand, in Munich, we'd spent 3 nights in a circus tent, located in a dirt field with I don't even know how many other people (another story for another time) so Salzburg really was a little bit like a green heaven.

10) MONEY!!! NO, wait, not money because that would be wrong, right? Just me being crass or shallow or trivial. Except, I have to go get Lauren and I've spent the better part of my day doing these two little Color Memes so, yeah...MONEY!!! American money anyway and at least for the time being as every day our bills seem to be getting more and more colorful. But for today anyway...MONEY!!!

I iz DONE!!!
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