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It's Finals Week so. naturally...
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...the wee one (as her Grandpa used to call Lauren)
is with sickness, much much sickness, today.
She's doing a "Sick Day' for only the 4th time
in the entirety of her high school career.
I had gotten her up, she was in the process of getting ready
when I thought to ask if she had any actual finals today.
'No', came her hoarse reply through the bathroom door.
'It's an 'A' day, no finals.'
'Then...'.I quered, 'wouldn't it be better if...yadda yadda yadda?'
And so, with very little reluctance, she agreed.
Still, this being finals week, work was due,
DUE DUE DUE today...no exceptions,
which I delivered to the office. (my 365 photo!!)
Lauren had forgotten, but her best friend hadn't
and his mom called to remind us.

Friends, always taking care of each other.
I think Jimmy 'takes care' of Lauren
a little more than she does him, but
she provides him with a more comfortable way
of interfacing with the world,
of moving through the world
that he wouldn't have otherwise.

Two only kids who have made each other
into brother & sister.
I can only hope they really are

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(Deleted comment)
I agree, they protect each other, but they also insulate each other. That, sometimes, can be problematic, but with them, the benefits far out way the liabilities. thanks for commenting.

I hope she feels better soon!

thank you! She's some better today but not great. She has a four day weekend coming up so, we're just holding on 'til then.

She's really lucky to have such a great friend.
Hope she'll feel better soon.

She is lucky, they've been together since 2nd grade and have worked well together from the get-go.

She's some better, just holding out for her 4-day weekend. Thanks for your concern.

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