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365 Photography Project_Thirteenth Post

I told Lauren how I'd been seeing that some/ most 365 Photo Project people were mainly doing 'arty' photographs while I was doing more 'documentary' stuff and that I thought I might like to do more arty stuff. She was fairly adamant in her desire that I mainly keep doing what I've been doing, documenting our lives, our world, for us, for her. That was my beginning intention, obviously the one I'll continuing focusing on and in that vein, I realized that showing her dad's part of 'our' world was lacking. Consequently, I'm including him...once in and there, as I should.


Sunday January 02, 2011 Morning fog

Monday January 03,2011 Normal mantel. You may recognize the little black pot, among his brethren, from my shiny, elegant jet black Color Meme Post a couple of days ago...or not.

Tuesday January 04, 2011 Street @ evening.

Wednesday January 05, 2011 Daiv's world, or at least part of it. He's an organized kind of guy.

Thursday January 06, 2011 Lauren @ the orthodontist's. Above her, in the ceiling, are monitors for the piped-in Pizar & Disney movies.

Friday January 07, 2011 'Leo & His Circle: The Life of Leo Castellii' Read because not only was he Johns and Rauschenberg's gallerist, but Castelli changed the face of modern American art by taking it international, a fascinating biography.

Saturday January 08, 2011 Engine tune-up. Car now drives like a machine. Can body work and a paint job be far behind? It looks like its lips are bleeding.

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