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a very cool video...
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...of a beautiful herd of white deer

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These deer are lovely.

I know, right? And the information provided was pretty interesting too.

Yes! This is really amazing. They look completely surreal!

They are gorgeous! When the woods are green, the deer look so out of place but in the winter landscape they look glorious!

We have a small population of white squirrels in a downtown Toronto park which lies adjacent to a mental health facility. The clients get a kick out of one of the lane-ways named 'White Squirrel Way'. ;)

I know, they do look so odd when their world is green, but like the guy said, they still try and find and be all stealth.

Your Toronto white squirrels sound wonderful and how nice of them to set-up house where people from the health facility can see them, very considerate.

OMG! They're beautiful! Thank you for posting.

not a problem, these are the sorts of things I love to share.

♥ Thank you for the video! It's amazing.
They're so beautiful!!!!

you're more than welcome and I agree, they are beautiful.

g, i've never seen white deer...they are beautiful.


neither have I, but now I seriously want to.

I've never seen white deer before. Thanks.

no problem, I love sharing the beautiful and unique.

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