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I've done some icons revolving around the theme of *Nature*...
icon science_astronomy
because I ADORE icons, one for every mood, every occasion, every season, every everything and,
frankly, they're so much more fun to do than any number of other things I thought of doing recently.
I keep imagining that every icon that can be made has been made but then,
someone does an 'Icon Post' and I realize, there are plenty more to make.
Hope you like, and sure, I should probably put them behind a cut, but I like them here.

1.  2. 3.  4. 5. 

  6. 7. 8. 9.  10.

11. 12.13 1415.

16.17. 16.  

 Just let me know if you take one, otherwise, enjoy.

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Mmmm.. that's really strange, this post didn't show up on my friends page O__o

Btw, glad I've found it. These are really great! I really like them ♥

I wonder why?!!? Kind of concerns me. Ah, well, glad you found, glad you like, thanks.

These are really pretty :)

This post was on my Friends list but it was much further down and showed up before your other post on the same day about your new header whereas acording to your journal, it looks like the header post was supposed to come first. Hope that helps :)

it does, thanks. I may try reposting, obviously something went amiss.

these are gorgeous!
You were right, this post did not appear on my friend's page, only here on your LJ.

I'll repost then, would you let me know if you see it this second time? Thanks so much for your help. There is some work involved and I was sad no one seemed to notice.

I still don't see it. :(

(Deleted comment)
thanks for liking and for the info, I don't want to repost if I shouldn't and that seems to be the case.

I like 3, 12 and 14. Is 3 a wind turbine, plane prop? I am obsessed with making icons. It's addicting and you can lose whole days doing it.

#3 is a wind turbine and, yes, you are right, icon making can become very addicting. I hoping to make a post maybe once a month, should be fun.

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