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Thank you tv_fan_2008 so very much

A couple of days ago,
the very talented tv_fan_2008
posted some lovely headers

featuring the always and especially lovely Adam Lambert & Tommy Joe Ratliff.

After having snagged one of Mr. Ratliff,
I realized that even though I had switched my journal style
to the easy-to-manipulate Flexible Squares and
even though I had uploaded the header to photobucket,
I still didn't know how to translate any of that
into a header ACTUALLY at my journal
because, yes, I am just that lameass...so so sad.

She offered to try and help me, then
she proceeded to actually do that very thing.

I opened my journal today and THERE IT WAS!!!
I've spent the last 45 minutes changing up
my colors, my journal width, my whatever needed changing up and yes,
once again, the Navigation Strip took me longer ;)) than the journal itself...go figure so,
click on my user name and bask in the loveliness of our combined efforts on my behalf.

Ain't life grand...periodically, so, yeah...



Feb. 4th, 2011 05:45 am (UTC)
I've had three different headers and each time, someone else did it for me so, I never had to learn. I can do most anything else, not that. I'm glad you liked.

Could I ask you a favor? I did an icon post yesterday, February 2nd, a friend commented to it (the only comment I got actually) saying it didn't show up on her friends page, she found it by checking my journal directly. Would you mind seeing if it showed upon journal, you can't miss it. I posted it very late yesterday almost midnight. If it's not on your either, I may repost. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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