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mission101 January Update
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Total Completed_26

      January 2011_ 3 Added
11. Organize card file
12. Flickr: annotate & tag all sets_0/ 12
82. Sort through, get rid of, & organize ALL my books

       January 2011_3 Complete
11. Organize card file
Before: Photo
After: What cards remain fit into one of the cardboard boxes
I, like many, save ALL my, and my families, holiday cards. I had far far far to many, but sorting through was a sob-fest, cards from parents who are no longer alive, including those we'd sent to them over the years, cards from friends I no longer know, cards from a child who was once young but no longer is. I'd plan on doing this on my next list but now it's done.

36. Sort through clothes in order to organize, document, get rid of

94. Organize upper half of Lauren's closet
Before: Photo
After: Everything to the right of the yellow/ blue/ green boxes is gone
Boxes are organized, all full of Lauren's baby's clothes, shoes, preschool work books.

Original List with Complete Updates & Totals
Flckr for all completed tasks

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Congratulations for reaching the goals =)
You did a great job!

thank you!!! I figure, two or three completes per month should get me to where I need to be by September. Thanks for the encouragement, it's appreciated.

Love your icon.

I love looking at your different interpretations of the themes. The cards are a great idea.

I knew I wanted to document when a task was completed, but sometimes what the image for that would be, can be difficult to find. Like with the cards photo, instead I document the task's beginning because just taking a picture of the task's completion...the box would be pretty boring. Forced creativity. For me, the tasks isn't really done until I have an image for it.

More than you ever wanted to know, right? Thanks for taking a look.

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