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First List,_Twenty-First Post_100_snapshots
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Since sleep is avoiding me once again, I might as well do this, right?

Photographer: Gaeln
Number of photos: 5
34_Vein; 37_Empty; 38_Cliche; 35_Rush; 39_Central

The third one, cliche, is my husband, David and my daughter, Lauren with Mr. Washington.
The fourth one, rush, has California vineyards in its background.
The fifth one, central, is, of course, Central Park, also possibly a cliche, but so be it, I like the shot.
Clicking on them makes them BIGGER...cool.

flickr for Weeks One through Twenty

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My favorite is the yellow one and Central Park can never be a cliche.

I love how the light went so strange myself and oh how I love Central Park.

Oh man, green grass and sunshine looks so appealing right now. :-/

My favorite is the first one, that cool leaf design!

I know, I'm sorry, the sun and green will come again, honest. That first photo is part of a safety gate outside an apartment door, prettier than any I've ever had.

You have such an interesting interpretation of the prompts! :)

I really love the one of your family with Mr. Washington and the one of Central Park ♥
Great pics, thanks =)

I love most any pic of my family so, I agree. Thank you for stopping by.

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