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365 Photography Project_Eighteenth Post

I had trouble, on at least 4 separate days this past week, deciding which of 2 photos to post and so, finally deciding whatthehell? why not just throw caution to the wind, I'm including them all. Consequently, instead of my usual 7, I've posted 11. I know that this is not 'the way' of the 365 Photography Project, but, like Joseph Campbell advised, I must follow my own bliss.

Sunday February 6, 2011_South San Jose looking east-ish. This isn't a day I had trouble deciding actually, under the cut is the view looking west-ish as reference.

Sunday February 6, 2011_South San Jose Turn around & and this is the view of IBM where my husband works. Very very cool building in the middle of a pasture and the hills. Their other building, The Research Facility, has the really cool location up in thos hills.

Monday February 7, 2011 An album that signifies the completion of a mission101</lj>  project having to do with organizing our clothing.

Tuesday February 8, 2011 Another mission101</lj> project to tag, edit, and annotate my photographs on flickr. This is on-going probably forever.

Wednesday February 9, 2011 The beginnings of spring, my flowering plum.

Thursday February 10, 2011 Adam&  on Ellen

Friday February 11, 2011 Victory in Egypt with Richard Engle, I love how happy he looks.

Friday February 11, 2011 I not only like the look on the woman's face but also the way the photo got the scene just as it was changing.

Saturday February 12, 2011 Me walking ahead on our way to Cup&Saucer for dinner which is blurry because...
David & Lauren walking ahead on our way to Cup&Saucer. He bumped me in order to get past.

flickr for weeks One through Eighteen


Feb. 17th, 2011 02:59 am (UTC)
The first photo is amazing! The trees look surreal but the whole really does look like the plume from an erupting volcano!

And I'm jealous of your buds! Here I thought we were doing well because it was 6C (43F). :)
Feb. 17th, 2011 09:30 pm (UTC)
'but the whole really does look like the plume from an erupting volcano!'
Nice visual and would you believe, last week I was having to water the lawn due to lack of rain and summerish temps. Of course, this week it rains and rains and rains, which is very very very good. Still, spring is coming.

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