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I have to believe...
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...that there are one or two, at least, very talented gif makers on my f-list
one of whom might be kind & generous enough to make a gif for me out of this short vid
from where Larry & Balki are standing in front of each other about to begin
'The 'Dance of Joy'.


I know the quality sucks and all but still, to have a little gif of this would be so cool
to use on those rare occasions when I'm nearly ecstatic.

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I don't know how to make gifs but I'm sure one of the girls over at grafx_requests could help you out with this :)

oh cool, thanks, I'll check them out

(Deleted comment)
I found the series on sale at work and couldn't resist and now, I've got my teenager loving it too so, yay!!

I'm not sure if you've already found someone to make you that gif but here's one from me anyway. :)


If it's not quite what you were looking for let me know and I can give it a little tweak. :)

oh sweetie, thank you so much, it's just perfect and so unexpected. Now I have my very own 'I'm happy' gif...eeee!!

No worries. I'm glad you like it. Gifs are far too much fun not to make and share them. :D

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