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First List,_Twenty-Third Post_100_snapshots
icon art_camera
Photographer: Gaeln
Number of photos: 5
54_Cream; 45_Fall; 48_Kool-Aid; 49_Dark; 52_Silk


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I love the pic of the mugs and water. It's a great angle.

thank you, I was trying to be stealth

Loved the new pics.
Especially "fall" and "dark"

Thanks =)

those are probably my favorites as well and thank you!!


I love Kool-Aid! I drank a ton of it as a kid.

Nowadays, I use the sugar free stuff to dye yarn. It's also pretty good as a fabric dye, too. And the best part? It isn't anywhere *near* as bad for the environment as Rit or other commercial dyes.

what a terrific idea, never would have thought. Thanks.

This is one of my favorite dying guides because it breaks down which packages you need for each color. You can dye anything as long as it's an animal or plant fiber.

Just be sure to use sugar free (the sugar can gloop up on the threads of the garment and ruin it) and thoroughly pre-soak anything you're about to dye in warm water to 'prime' them.

thank you SOOO much for the link & the most useful advice. I can't wait to give this a try.

for a second i thought that the tree was growing out of the cereal aisle! love the pics!

'for a second i thought that the tree was growing out of the cereal aisle!' lol Interesting perspective
'love the pics!' I'm glad

The tree one is so beautiful!

thank you, that tree never fails me.

I love how they're all tied together with the rosy red. This set of photos really compliments each other. My favorite is the tree - color and composition.

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