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365 Photography Project_Twenty-First Post

Sunday February 27, 2011 Our master bedroom taken because I love the light.

Monday February 28, 2011 My books read for February_'Kitchen Confidential' because it was for my bookclub_I like this book. 'Firman' is about a rat who begins eating books in order to nourish his body but continues to do so in order to nourish his mind, he's a very smart rat and is exceedingly self-aware. Joseph Campbell is a hero of mine so, I read him off and on always. Wales because I have a Cletic thing going. 'The Accidental Masterpiece' because it was there and about art & collecting and is written as essays and that's just so win/ win/ win for me.

Tuesday March 1, 2011_Family Bibles
For Lauren:
I don't know who these belonged to except that they come from your Grandma Mary's side of the family. When her mama & daddy died, she brought them home with her and so, when it was time, I did the same. They may have been actually read at some point, but long ago became something else, something not unlike two little nests where precious bits of paper and ribbon and dried flowers were gathered, death notices, letters, photographs, recipes. I'm not sure why but they frighten me a little. Maybe someday I'll read them, if not the books themselves, then at least their hidden treasures.

Wednesday March 2, 2011 OMG I made something with YEAST, a first. The recipe is Amish Bread, the simplest I could find. I didn't do it quite right, but Lauren loved it and David thought it pretty good so, maybe I'll try again.

March 3, 2011 Thursday All the books gathered up and on their way, ultimately, to the library. With four bags in the trunk and with three in the back window, I was able to transport all of them in one load.

Friday March 4, 2011 With only one rainy day last week, I was able to get some yard work done, my ONE job: to clean up the side strip between the driveway and the fence which produced a fairly decent sized pile for recycle pick-up on Friday.

Saturday March 5, 2011 The library on the way to my bookclub breakfast, which is at a restaurant just across and down the street. Obviously nearly brand new, this library is also a community center with a very nice playground.

Flickr for all the weeks that have come before

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