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First List,_Twenty-Fifth Post_100_snapshots
icon art_camera
Photographer: Gaeln
Number of photos: 5
72_Keys; 74_Find; 75_;Lose; 76_Drag; 77_Wind

Keys_Lauren's key collection in a milk-glass bowl
Drag_Sweeping sweeping sweeping up leaves is a drag and this is obviously an older picture, from last November
Find_Lauren trying to find our way around SCU
Lose_Pretty tree will lose its pretty flowers

flickr for whatever came before

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Ahh, love the perspective in the leaf shot! The blossom one is gorgeous too, as is that sweeping landscape shot.

you and your nature shots, I can usually guess which ones you'll like.

Love the new pics ♥
I really like especially"keys", "lose" and "wind"
Once again, great job hon =)

thank you so much, especially for stopping by.

(Deleted comment)
thank you!!! I very much appreciate your thoughts.

Does the air smell especially salty in Wind? I can smell the sea when I look at this one.

Interesting, not so much in Northern California. Now, if this were in Southern California, I would say absolutely so just pretend the photo was taken down south and we'll be good.

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