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365 Photography Project_Twenty-Second Post

Oh so late, this is NOT last week, but the week before...ooops

Monday March 7, 2011
Lauren's pastel, using black paper, of Zach Galifianakis for her art class

Sunday March 6, 2011 After sorting through all, and also getting rid of many, of my books, I put all those I still need to read in one place.

Tuesday March 9, 2011the place where we put
For Lauren
This is a cabinet your dad & I bought -- we thought it was very cool how the craftsman had taken a stock item & made it beautiful --  on our New Mexico vacation several years before your birth. Your dad put his two grandmother's rosaries on it at the get-go and pretty much from that point on, it is the place where we keep death notices and small items from anyone we know who dies. The photo in the middle is the spot in Napa Valley where our Erte's ashes were spread.

Wednesday March 9, 2011 Alex's Celtic Soup was ummmm ummmm good especially with hotdogs.

Thursday March 10, 2011 our bedroom from the other direction, the Armour holds a TV & music system plus linen storage.

Friday March 11, 2011 My Friday project was to empty out all the kitchen drawers, clean them, and reorganize them. I only got about half way done. And yes, all those pots do fit into the top drawer.

Saturday March 12, 2011 Santa Cruz's harbor when hit by waves.

Flickr for all the weeks that have come before

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