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First List_Twenty-Eighth & Final Post_100_snapshots

This has been much fun & a great learning experience, especially, for me, when my daughter was also participating. I plan on doing List Two but starting in September, I need a little break & a chance to capture some prompt-appropriate photographs. It is also Lauren's intention to complete List One but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you, although I do think she'll post more once summer comes. Since it is my last post for this list, I'm posting like I do at the community, not the collage-y way I have been lately. Thanks for stopping by all these months, I appreciate it.

Photographer: Gaeln
Number of photos: 7
Themes: 50_breath; 53_teacher; 94_home; 95_shy; 96_tackle; 97_begin; 100_life

Breath A breath of fresh air after a long winter_taken today

Teacher My books & my videos are my teacher(s)
Also taken today & in fact, the last taken for List One

Home This was taken in the direction of where we live

Shy Lauren is, she danced away from me when she saw I had the camera point in her general direction

Tackle It was a big job, but tackle the pantry I did.

Begin Note the date, to begin my participation in this community I made my first post in April, 2009, almost 2 year to the date when I'm making my last post, for List One anyway. The photograph of my screen was actually taken in March 2010 so, I've been waiting awhile to make this final post as you can see.

and finally

Catch you on the flip-side.

all the rest, including Lauren's 47, are @ flickr

Tags: personal_photography_100 snapshots_1st

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