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Did You Know ...?

From LiveJournal:
'...LiveJournal was the victim of repeated DDoS attacks this week. We try to update our external status page as quickly as possible in these cases and have also begun to post to Twitter and Facebook. Here are the links to our Facebook Page and our Twitter feed. Please be aware that in addition to site outage and maintenance information, we also post links to news updates, contests, and other site-wide features.'

So, I've followed their Twitter feed for a backup way of understanding what's going on, seems best to have an outside-of-LJ source.

Also, if you're on Twitter I can be found at @GaelnLmB & I just joined Tumblr for a whole other reason having nothing to do with LJ. There I'm gaylenab so in case LJ does go down for some prolonged period of time -- man, I hope not...I hope not...I hope not EVER-- we would be able to find each other somewhere else.

I wish there was a way we could help LiveJournal deal with these attacks but I don't know how other than to not freak out by leaving or by attacking them ourselves. They are, I am sure, doing the absolute best they can. They want us happy, to be their happy happy little global community so I have to believe they are doing everything they can to not only keep LJ safe but to keep it as open a forum as is possible..

My mood icon says I'm frustrated and I am, though NOT at LJ but at those who would attack it.
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