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365 Photography Project_Twenty-Eighth Post

Sunday April 17, 2011 The Before_This is my current project, my father's and mother's families photographs are a mess. This is a mixture of both and only a small portion of what needs to be organized.

Monday April 18, 2011 Earlier this year, when I decided to rid myself of many of my books, I went through all of them since I tend to stick bits&pieces of paper in them. These are just the bookmarks I found within their pages. The black&white one on the left David made for us of us_Lauren-me-David-me-Erte.

Tuesday April 19, 2011 Easter decorations, an excuse to collect stuffed animals, mainly rabbits. My Grandma Inez crocheted the little dollie on top of the big vase, Lauren made the paper basket in 2nd Grade.

Wednesday April 20, 2011 I've got a pretty box for the outsized pictures, especially those with the cardboard frames, and a cool, yet old-fashioned looking, photo album for all of my father's family photographs. I haven't any after about the mid-1940's so, this side of my patronage will be easier to deal with than my mom's so, it gets done first. The bigger picture on the left is my mom's high school photo, below on the right is my Grandmother Inez, that's me with Santa and with my parents.

Thursday April 21, 2011 a window reflection.

Friday April 22, 2011 Lauren explains her art project, which is a watercolor mandala. It turned out beautifully BTW And the drawing, with the pencils etc., in the foreground is mine, now also completed.

Saturday April 23, 2011 On the left is Daiv's Cheerios_the original. In the middle is my 'cherrios'_organic grown blah blah. And on the right is Lauren's sugar-coated 'wheeties'_also organic blah blah. Fortunately, we all use the organic milk.

Sunday April 24, 2011 Lauren chooses and the winner is...Santa Cruz!!!!  It's simply the receipt they sent me for their fee for registering with them since she had to use my credit card.

Flickr for the prior part of our 365 lives.

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